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Quality comes through efforts and continuous improvement in the production standards that is really needed and evaluated for the satisfaction of customers which is the hallmark of every day’s need.

JAMIL STAR is at the forefront of Leather Apparel manufacturing representing Motor Bike Leather and Motocross Collections , Gloves & Ladies Bags is really looking for the achievement of these benchmarks and want to set the standards for others to follow.

We have extensively added in our product line Motor Bike Leather and Cordura Jackets that is a novel addition in the Motor Bike arena.

Perfection in quality of Motor Bike Equipment that protects to racers over roads by ensuring their life safety is the FIRST PRIORITY of our production techniques. Superior Craftsmanship and extremely affordable costs. Top quality leather is graded with international standards and inside protections are ensured with international standards that are strictly observed over roads.

We are here to serve you in the best way and hope you would really find our products suitable to your needs.

We are at your disposal all the times to serve you.

Managing Director,